SALCOS® Structural Steel from Peine

For more than 100 years we produce established steel beams that have become an indispensable part of construction practice - since 1996 by using the low-emission electric furnace route with 100 % steel scrap recycling. At the beginning of 2023, we took a further step towards de-carbonisation:

By concluding a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we purchase green electricity from wind power directly from the supplier and therefore we actively contribute to the development of renewable energies. This allows you to choose CO2-reduced products for your construction project as of today:

Sections and beams made of low- CO2 SALCOS® Structural Steel with emissions in production of only 366 kg CO₂e per ton.

The established Peiner beams as well as our sections made of SALCOS® Structural Steel are included in our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

The manufacturing process of
Peiner beams

We offer

100 %

of our product range from
SALCOS® Structural Steel

Pioneering for Circular Solutions

Steel is one of the most sustainable and universal construction materials and deeply anchored in our society. It can be used flexibly and can be found in all areas of life. Steel is infinitely recyclable, which makes it the perfect ambassador for a circular economy.

At Peiner Träger GmbH, Circular Economy is a firm part of the company's DNA due to the introduction of electric steel metallurgy and 100 % steel scrap recycling in the mid-1990s. Together with our partners, we develop new solutions. This is more than just an established practice, it is a clear mission for the future.

Circularity at
Salzgitter Group

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Rethink

Sustainable construction - steel makes it possible: The best way to minimize resource consumption is to avoid using new resources. Flexibly and far-sightedly planned buildings, constructed with high-quality steel products, can be used for a long time -
also by adapting them to changed requirements.

In contrast to other construction materials, steel does not degrade during the recycling process or even have to be disposed of as contaminated waste. Already today, approx.
11 % of the steel products used in buildings are reused several times after the initial use phase and can subsequently be 100 % recycled.

Circular economy on an industrial scale

The recovery rate for steel from constructions is more than 99 %. Also the steel scrap generated from the production and finishing processes will be recycled completely.

The material cycle of steel in the construction industry
is therefore a sustainable alternative to the use of
primary raw materials and promotes resource-saving, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction methods.

100 %

of the pre-consumer scrap
remains in the material cycle