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SALCOS® Structural Steel


Sustainable construction


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for people
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Peiner Träger GmbH

New thinking for a new industry

Peiner Träger GmbH - your partner for decarbonisation.

We are one of Europe's most successful steel companies, specialized in the production of high-quality beams and sections. We are convinced that the using steel is one of the most sustainable construction techniques and we are committed to make construction more resource efficient and environmentally friendly.

As one of the leading sectional steel manufacturers, we have been supplying a comprehensive full range of beam and column sections for many decades and see ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers.

We are happy to support you in realizing your decarbonization strategies. Together, we develop sustainable and customized solutions that match the requirements of your project and fulfill the highest standards of climate-friendly construction.

Ready to get started? We are on standby for your questions, projects and challenges!

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of global CO2 emissions
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