Our responsibility

As a global enterprise, we are aware of our responsibilities for the environment and our society. Therefore, we are involved in various projects with a strong focus on tomorrow.

Ecological Responsibilites

Steel as a material

Steel remains steel, even after being recycled for the tenth time. It is perfectly integrated in the recycling circuit without any recovery issues. We are committed to creating more awareness of the regenerative advantages of steel as a construction material.

We promote efficient, environmentally friendly production and technical application consulting for our clients and architects. Our aim is to show the role of steel as a creative all-round material in the creation of fascinating buildings.

Modern production sites

With the continuous development of innovative techniques, our production sites become more efficient and also more environmentally friendly. We modernize the whole process of beam production on a regular basis, always keeping future improvements in mind.

For instance, manufacturing in our electro-steel mill is completely environmentally friendly: The walking beam furnaces are heated with natural gas, and scrap is melted into liquid steel in the electric arc furnace for further processing without any disposal problems. Finally, steel is 100 percent included in the recycling circuit.

Environmental guidelines of Salzgitter AG

Besides our local commitment, we are also involved in the overall ecological concept of the Salzgitter Group. http://www.salzgitter-ag.com

Social Responsibilites

Networks, associations and initiatives

We also support progress and innovation in the steel industry at a social level – for example, through our membership within Bauforumstahl e.V. (The German Forum for Steel Construction) as well as independent organizations that support steel construction. We are engaged in raising awareness concerning the advantages of the regenerative construction material that is steel: steel is still steel, also the tenth time it is recycled. In addition to efficient and environmentally friendly production, we are especially interested in supporting the area of technical application consulting. Contractors' and architects' visions are our visions as well. We want to implement and demonstrate how it is possible to realize fascinating constructions with the versatile and creative material that is steel.

Links zu some associations and initiatives: Bauforum Stahl e.V., FPA

Social commitment

With bonds to our employees, neighbors and locals in the region, our company is a solid part of society. We are committed to a positive cooperation and participate in several social projects.

“Together” is the device of an art project that is, so far, unique in its realization – the Südstadtgalerie Peine (art gallery in Peine’s Southern quarter). The idea: appreciate the wall of the company plant at Braunschweiger Straße by turning it into a gallery. This concept was realized by Salzgitter AG together with the city of Peine.

Ten huge exhibits are arranged at intervals along the factory wall that faces onto Braunschweiger Straße. The one meter wide by five meters tall steel steles reflect the multicultural nature of the district and lend the recently remodeled street an unmistakable character.

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