Ecological responsibility

Circularity and sustainability are at the heart of our strategy. We are committed to increasing awareness of the advantages of steel as a sustainable building material and support efficient and environment-friendly construction methods. In addition, we are continuously improving the energy efficiency of our processes and reducing emissions in our production operations.

100 % recyclability – steel is a recycled product

Steel will always be steel. It is endlessly recyclable and fits 100 % into the recycling loop. In our plant, steel scrap gets melted into liquid steel by using our electric arc furnace and processed into new sections and beams.

Energy efficiency due to modern production technology

Innovative technologies are being permanently developed to make production plants more efficient and environment-friendly. Therefore, we are constantly modernizing our entire production process. Always with future needs in mind.

CO2 reduction with SALCOS® Structural Steel

We are aware of our ecological responsibility and are therefore continuously searching for new ways to reduce CO2 emissions in the construction industry together with our customers. By concluding a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we are directly purchasing green electricity from wind power since the beginning of 2023. This innovation reduces CO2 emissions by almost 50 % compared to a conventional beam.

As a result, we can offer you even more customized and sustainable solutions by now:

PTG beams and sections made of SALCOS® Structural Steel - certified and confirmed as part of our EPD.

We support sustainable construction with steel and offer the possibility to improve the environmental footprint of buildings and infrastructure measures.

Even our conventional product line already follows a circular approach by using 100 % steel scrap. For the future, we would like to improve further and expand our green product portfolio.

SALCOS® Structural Steel


EPD incl. SALCOS® Structural Steel attachment

Social responsibility

We believe that companies have an important role in solving social challenges and we actively support a just
and sustainable society.


Social commitment

Our social commitment is a central part of our corporate philosophy. Through our participation in social projects and the commitment of our employees, we want to make a contribution to improving people's lives and encouraging a community based on solidarity.

Almost 14,000 people are diagnosed with leukemia in Germany every year. We actively promote DKMS typing and organize regular events to find potential stem cell donors and increase the chances of a match.

A particular concern is the prevention of violence and poverty and the improvement of the future prospects of our youngest fellow human beings. Through regular donations to the Kinderschutzbund, we support the goal of a child-friendly society.

In crisis situations such as the major earthquake in Turkey or the Ukraine conflict, our employees and the company were quick and pragmatic in organizing help and donations.

In addition, we are proud of our company fire department, which is on the spot for internal emergencies as well as providing support for external incidents.

Fair working conditions & safety at work

Fair working conditions and safety at work are of the highest importance to us. We are committed to ensuring that all employees are able to work in a safe and healthy work environment. We have implemented strict safety measures and procedures to minimize accidents and injuries. We are committed to fair wages and working conditions and to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Supply chain – everything is connected

Our responsibility does not only cover our own actions. We also attach great importance to legally compliant behavior among our partners and suppliers and require the same high standards of compliance with labor and human rights standards, environmental protection and ethical business conduct from them.

Corporate Responsibility

We are a subsidiary of the listed Salzgitter AG and constantly ensure that we fulfill all the requirements placed on us in terms of good corporate governance. It forms the basis for long-term success and sustainable development.

Compliance – a matter of course

An essential prerequisite for the success of the Salzgitter Group is the observance of all legal provisions that apply to us, and our internal rules. Compliance is an integral part of our corporate culture.

The aim of the Salzgitter Group's compliance management system is to prevent violations of laws and internal guidelines, or to uncover them at an early stage and to respond to them appropriately and effectively. It is based on the three pillars of PREVENT, DETECT and REACT.


FAIR TOGETHER - the whistleblower system at the Salzgitter Group

The Salzgitter Group has set up the FAIR TOGETHER reporting system in order to identify possible violations of the law in connection with the business activities of Salzgitter Group companies and human rights violations along its supply chains and to be able to counteract them.

All Group employees, business partners and anyone else affected by the activities of the Salzgitter Group - whether in Germany or abroad - can contact the Salzgitter Group's reporting offices to submit information. FAIR TOGETHER offers the opportunity to point out violations of the law or other circumstances through which people, the environment, Salzgitter AG or one of its Group companies are harmed, unjustly disadvantaged or natural resources unlawfully impaired in connection with the economic activities of the Salzgitter Group or one of its suppliers.


Certificates & Approvals

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Compliance at the
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