We work globally from one site, cover all steel materials with our product portfolio and provide a first-class service. The Peiner Träger GmbH is one of the most successful European steel companies – worldwide. Get to know our vision and 150 years of success story.

Single-source procurement directly from Peine

Peiner Träger offers a comprehensive range of products containing all such steel materials that are of relevance to beams and profiles, manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities.

In steel construction and steel trading, among public-sector customers and builders, architects and engineers, we are known as a partner who regards reliability and high personal commitment as cornerstones of daily business.

As a company with a compact structure that is active today on a global scale, we have been concentrating on a single location for over 150 years. At our site in Peine, we manufacture our comprehensive portfolio of beams and profiles.  

Being part of the Group, we dispose of an extensive network of trade relations which makes our products and services permanently available on the market: from a single location into the whole world. Since 2001, Peiner Träger GmbH is an independent subsidiary of Salzgitter AG. Within the Salzgitter Group, we are in charge of the area Steel and Technology and the successful production of steel for special areas of application.

Our strategy is focused on retaining the solidity and future sustainability of our plant in Peine. This is an ideal basis for further development of innovative steel qualities and products together with our customers.

One location – short distances

Not only do we profit from quick processes and flexibility in our internal communication and coordination with other plants – we also enjoy proximity to our customers and time for personal meetings. Our employees are fixed, standing contact persons with extensive experience in the steel industry. This expert knowledge is permanently fostered and kept up-to-date.

On this basis, we make responsible and joint decisions with you for your project, in an efficient team work with well-coordinated partners. We are convinced that the most important success factor are the people.  

We also support progress and innovation in the steel industry at a social level – for example, through our membership within Bauforumstahl e.V. (The German Forum for Steel Construction) as well as independent organisations that support steel construction. We are engaged in raising awareness concerning the advantages of the regenerative construction material that is steel: steel is still steel, also the tenth time it is recycled. In addition to efficient and environmentally friendly production, we are especially interested in supporting the area of technical application consulting. Contractors' and architects' visions are our visions as well. We want to implement and demonstrate how it is possible to realize fascinating constructions with the versatile and creative material that is steel.

Information on our involvements and commitments

History and development of Peiner Träger GmbH at a glance