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A full range of products from one single source

Steel beams, sections, solutions: high quality products from one single source.

Beam sections up to 1,100 mm in height, column sections up to 1,086 kg/m, a wide variety of special sections in all common grades of steel and in special grades from continuous cast raw material: a wide range of steels originate from Peine, produced for the corresponding user requirements in optimum material quality. 
Finding the best solution has a long tradition in our company and is what takes us forward. On the basis of our customers' ideas and requirements we consistently develop new steel products whose attributes are optimally aligned to their specific use. Today more than ever, the multi-functionality and creativity of the material enables architecturally sophisticated, economical building. In this context, our full product range not only consists of a varied offer of sectional steel and wide flange beams, it also offers solutions for a variety of differing areas of use, such as, for example, prop and cross beams in mining and tunnel constructions, sheet piling sections in foundation, harbour and hydraulic engineering and special structural steels for offshore constructions. 
The logistical advantages of the Peine principle of 'one location, one personal contact' can offer you the optimum security and planning reliability for your project: starting with the focused delivery of all the required products from our complete range of products through to straightforward arrangements of appointments. Not forgetting the reduced administrative costs, as we provide all the necessary certificates directly from Peine.

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